Convert DOC to DOCX

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‘Learn’ why to ‘Use’ DOC to DOCX conversion tool

DOC formatted file was used by Microsoft until 2003 version of the Microsoft Word Office. Late in 2007, DOCX was introduced as a new default file format. Next to this, DOCX formatted file is primarily a zip file which comprises all of the XML files that pertain to document. Now a days Microsoft Word Users look to use DOCX file as it is much smaller and also has a lighter size of file. In DOCX format, the files are much easy to transfer and read. As DOCX is a standard to Office Open XML-bases, all the word processor software are supportive to all features that are advanced. So as we all know that, with the development of technology on every phase the older version is not much used than the newer one. This free online DOC to DOCX converter tool is simple to use and is very safe as the data of user is secured.