Convert DOC to XLS

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‘Learn’ why to ‘Use’ DOC to XLS conversion tool

Almost all the Excel users will some or the other time needs to convert Word Documented file to XLS spreadsheet for some work. When needed, users look to convert or even copy few tables from Microsoft office document into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. On the other hand some may look forward to convert the complete Word documented text to Excel Spreadsheet, so there may be several reasons for the user to use Converter DOC to XLS. In the conversion process the users can copy past the data that is present in Word document format to paste the same on Excel or even this can be processed by dragging and dropping the word data onto Excel sheet. The free online DOC to XLS converter helps in complete conversion of data from Word document file to Excel spreadsheet to avoid retyping data manually; as an output of conversion, user can finally view the tables or data in individual cells present on Excel spreadsheet. One need to be cautious to select rows & columns that are to be copied to XLS, watch on that there are no extra carriage returns in Cells of tables, which may otherwise create extra rows in excel. If you look to work with data which is on paper printout, scan the PDF; then convert data to text which can be edited and also analyse in Microsoft Excel.